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The Northern New England Conference is home to the oldest Adventist churches in existence. And, as with all old structures, these churches need some work. Why are historic structures included in the “Restore The Roar” initiative? Well, it’s partly about history and preserving our roots, but it is mostly about evangelism. You see, these old churches get hundreds and hundreds of history tourists each year, and each of those tourists is an evangelism opportunity. To learn more about historic churches in the conference, click here.

The “Restore The Roar” Historic Sites initiative uses a crowd-funding model. Take a look at the current projects below and if one of them moves you, then click on the link to donate and help launch the project. After a project launches, you can keep track of the progress on the “news” section of this site or through the conference newsletter, the CoNNECtion.  

Project 1: Complete the Picnic Canopy at Washington Church

$2,000 to launch*,  ________ remaining
Volunteers have worked for many months to collect the materials for and then erect a very large and very solid metal-roofed canopy with picnic tables underneath.  For some time, the many visitors to the Washington Church have had no place to rest and eat during their visits.  Similarly, there has been no place for Sabbath potlucks when services were held at the church. The new canopy is almost finished, and it can be completed with your help. DONATE TODAY.


Project 2:

To Be Announced

Project 3:

To Be Announced