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Local Church Treasurer Resources
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Local Church Treasurer Resources

Local Church & School Treasurer's Accounting Manual
~ Sample Contribution Letter for Non-Cash Contributions
Jewel Program Help Videos
Remittance Form
Records Retention Guideline
Application for a New Tax ID Number - Form SS-4
Rental Contract - Sample
Offertory Schedule
~ Evangelism Funds Request Form
~ School Tuition Subsidy 
     ~ 1st Semester
     ~ 2nd Semester
~ Resources/Time Sheets for Local Hires 

     ~ Hourly/Local Hire Time Sheets in Excel Format
     ~ Hourly/Local Hire Time Sheets in .PDF Format
     ~ Job Title, Hourly Rate & Expected Hours Per Week Form
     ~ Hourly Rate Conversion Form

~ Insurance Claim Forms, Certificates and Policy Documents
     ~ NNEC Liability Insurance Certificate
     ~ Property Statement of Loss Claim Form
     ~ Auto Claim Form
     ~ Certificate of Liability Insurance
     ~ Liability Insurance Claim Form
     ~ Student Accident Insurance Policy
     ~ Student Accident Claim Form
~ Miscellaneous Information and Forms
     ~ NNEC Laymen's Fund Loan Application
     ~ Sample Contribution Letter for Non-cash Contributions
     ~ 3-Way Plan Form for Academy Students
     ~ New Convert Subsidy Policy and Request Form
     ~ Volunteer Ministry Application Form
     ~ Safety Inspection Lists: Church, School, Youth Camp
~ Honorarium Policy