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Location: Brunswick, ME


Utilities included: water, sewage, trash removal, and grounds’ maintenance

Renter's responsibility: electricity, telephone, cable, and heat (natural gas). The propane monitor is located next to the back door on the outside wall.

No smoking on premises



Rent is due on the 1st of the month.  There are 36 2-bedroom units and 12 1-bedroom units.  Payment of monthly rent is done by electronic payment withdrawn via ACH from your bank account.  Rental rates for new residents will be close to market rates.

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Current Rental Rates & Fees

Village Apartment

Village Apartment

Beautiful Grounds

Beautiful Grounds

Friendly Neighbors

Friendly Neighbors

Private Neighborhood

Private Neighborhood

BRV Apartment Layout

BRV Apartment Layout

Please note that this facility is owned and operated by a Seventh-day Adventist organization. The Northern New England Conference and church members have first priority to rent our units.

If you are interested in residing at the retirement village, please return an application with deposit of $100 to secure your place on the waiting list.  Should you decide to withdraw your application, your $100 deposit will be fully refunded.
Once you are on the waiting list, we will notify you when there is an opening for the type of apartment that you have indicated on your application. Please note that Seventh-day Adventists are placed on the list with priority.


Once you have been notified that an apartment of your preference has become available, you will be asked to send in the first month’s rent and a non-refundable entry fee of $700.

Please note: if an apartment becomes available and you turn it down, your name will be placed at the BOTTOM of the waiting list.


Thank you for your interest in the

Brunswick Retirement Village!

Meet The Team


Daniel Battin

BRV Director


207.797.3760 ext 220

Rod Plaisted

Facilities Manager