'End It Now' Campaign
Jan 30, 2010

The Atlantic Union Conference is endorsing a joint campaign from the GC WM Department and ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency). The campaign was officially launched at the Year-end Council meeting in October and has resonated with both women and men.

Atlantic Union is proud and excited to support the “enditnow” – Adventists say no to violence against women campaign. This is a chance for us to make a real difference in our communities and churches on this very important issue.   

Please click on the following website to view a one-minute video and encourage everyone you know to do the same (http://www.enditnow.org/).

The website changes, so check periodically for updates. You can sign the petition online. Your signature goes directly to ADRA. I will check with ADRA to see if we can get the number of people from our Union who choose to sign in online. However, until we get the official word from ADRA, please ask your contacts to send you an e-mail stating they have voted online. We want to keep track of the signatures.

The GCWM is aiming at 1,000,000 signatures from the 200+ countries where Adventists have a church presence. There are many campaigns on violence against women, but this campaign is unique because we can reach people around the world.

Join President Donald King and me as Atlantic Union Conference launches 30 in 30 to support this important initiative. We are asking you as conference directors to help AUC to secure 30,000 signatures in 30 days. The campaign has already received support from the union administrators and all conference executive committees. There will be an announcement in the Gleaner. Our current membership is 102,000+, so we can easily secure 30,000 signatures.

Our official launch date is January 30, 2010. We can do this.