Thursday 6pm

Herbs for Healing

Lee Wellard

Thursday 7pm

Helping is Healing

Robert Rice

Friday 6pm

Positive Relationships and Health

Dr. Howe, Lyn Howe, Sheryl McWilliams

Friday 7pm

Blessing of Nature and Music

Ashwin Sukumaran, Lifestyle Practitioner

Saturday 6pm

The Healing Savior

Pastor Gration Perera

Saturday 7pm

Beatitudes as a Recipe for Health

Dr. David DeRose

Livestream is planned to be on the conference youtube channel Sept 24-26, 6-8pm est:

Links for  live streams: 


Positive Relationships | Sep 25, 6 PM

Nature and Music | Sep 25, 7 PM

The Healing Savior | Sep 26, 6 PM

Beatitudes as a Recipe for Health | Sep 26, 7 PM



Past broadcasts:


Herbs are Healing: Sept 26 6pm

Helping is Healing: Sept 24 7pm

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If you haven't heard Don Mackintosh on the connection between prophecy and health ministry, you'll want to listen! If you have any interest in either prophecy or health ministry, I recommend listening to this sermon and my notes.


The Prophetic Significance of the Health Message

PowerPoint on the Connection of Prophecy and the Health Message

May God bless you and your family!  Maranatha!

Daniel Battin, Health Ministries Coordinator