Elementary: September 22 - 25, 2020
Academy: TBA

Sponsored by the Northern New England Conference

Camp Lawroweld

Weld, Maine

Outdoor School is open only to students enrolled in Northern New England Conference Schools.



For a Christian, exploration and interaction with nature provides opportunity to renew the soul and connect with the Creator of the universe who has promised that Since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--His eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse (Romans 1:20). White (1903) in the book Education, wrote that the study of nature is a means of understanding the Creator and a vehicle for developing young children into lifelong learners.

"To those who learn thus to interpret its teachings, all nature becomes illuminated; the world is a lesson book, life a school... To a little child, nature presents an unfailing source of information and delight... So far as possible, children from their earliest years should be placed where this lesson book is open before them. Let them look at the glorious scenes painted by the great Master Artist on the shifting canvas of the heavens; let them become acquainted with the wonders of earth and sea; let them watch the unfolding mysteries of the changing seasons and in all His works learn of the Creator." (White, 1903, p.60)


Recognizing that kids benefit not only intellectually and physically from experiencing the natural world, but spiritually as well, the Northern New England Conference hopes to encourage students to engage in activities in God's classroom, so that they might discover God through His creation and by discovering Him seek to know Him more deeply. We hope students will learn naturalist skills of: observation, reflection, investigation, and journaling. It is our desire that students will learn scientific curiosity and method, environmental ethics, social responsibility, lifelong learning motivation, and spiritual values.


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As you explore this website, it is our prayer that you will discover resources by which God is glorified. We are here to serve!


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