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Connecting Our Friends to Christ

The vision of the Northern New England Conference is to demonstrate the Eternal Gospel to every hamlet, home, and heart in New England and then Jesus will come.

Our Core Values

Courage to take risks in advancing the kingdom of Christ. This courage comes from trusting His promise to be with us as we follow His word.

Heart-felt love for Christ that compels us to serve others unselfishly and enthusiastically.

Reliance on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to live for the glory of God in joyful obedience.

Integrity and transparency in all our actions, offering respect and love to the servant leaders God has ordained.

Sharing with one another the joyous new life in Christ and the privilege of being a part of God’s final remnant church.

Truth about ourselves, our gracious God and His righteousness. His gifts of faith and repentance and His last message to the world.

Our Fundamental Beliefs

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Did you know that our region is the birthplace of Adventism?
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About Us

"CoNNECting our friends to Christ"
As you explore this website, it is our prayer that you will discover resources by which God is glorified. We are here to serve!

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