Connect Academy is the Northern New England Conference's platform for online training! These courses will empower and train disciples of Christ to spread the Gospel to their community.
Course 3

How to be a Literature Evangelist

How to share literature like Jesus would, whether it be door-to-door or to an anyone that you meet on the street.
Speaker: Judit Magdaleno. Host: Tony Cuffori
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Mini Course

Reaching the Youth

How to start and grow a new children's Sabbath School with little or no kids and how to effectively use a child's clothing ministry to fuel the evangelism in your church.
Various Speakers: Ray Christman, Ronald & Sandra Sturkie. Host: Brad Cauley
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Course 2

How to Preach Like a Pro

We want to help our members learn how to share the gospel through preaching. We believe that anyone can share the Word both in church and out.
Various Speakers: Gration Perera, John Bradshaw, Tony Cuffori, Jeff Kern, Rick Kuntz, & Tom Ferguson.
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Course 1

How to Give Bible Studies

We want to help our members learn how to give Bible Studies. These 6 videos are available for anyone to learn how to do so. We encourage every member in our Conference to learn this vital skill in order to share the message with the whole world.
Various Speakers: Gary Blanchard, Gration Perera, Brad Cauley, & Rick Kuntz.
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