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The CoNNECtion is a quarterly publication of the Northern New England Conference for its constituents.
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Need a New Headset Mic?

Are you satisfied with your headset microphone? At my church, we have a handful of cheap headsets that will “snap, crackle, and pop” even right out of the box. Many churches will buy countryman mics that are expensive and very thin. Countryman is the best quality and I recommend them if the same pastor will use it every Sabbath, but if you need something that is more rugged and can be easily passed between users, I recommend the ANSR AM14 headset mic. When I was the Audio Visual Director at Southern Adventist University we probably owned 50+ of these microphones across the campus. They are pricey ($250) but unless you get a lemon, they last.
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Connect Card

If you don't already, you should have a Connect Card at your church for someone to fill out if they are visiting or have a prayer request. This Word document is editable to replace the top logo with your church logo and to adjust each check box with your own options.
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