Camp Meeting

June 23 - July 1, 2023

Camp Meeting

'Revival in the East'

Camp Meeting 2023
First Meeting: June 23, 2023
Last Meeting: 
July 1, 2023
Location: Pine Tree Academy

Camp Meeting Speaker

This year will be a little different than years past. The first weekend will remain as before but starting Monday night and through Saturday, the evening meetings will take a more evangelistic focus. As in, anyone off the street will hopefully join and learn about Jesus without prior Adventist or Christian knowledge.

To share at these meetings, we have invited John Bradshaw from It Is Written to have an evangelistic series over those nights. During the day, there will continue being excellent programming for growing your spiritual walk.

You won't want to miss this exciting Camp Meeting!

New Member or Almost-Member?

If you have been newly baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church since July 2022 or are currently taking Bible studies with someone in an Adventist church, then we want to see you at Camp Meeting 2023.
Your tent camp site registration is free!
Send an email to and tell him your church & pastors name and he will register you for free!

Camp Sites

Registration is only needed for those who want a camp site. Attending a meeting is free to everyone.

Registration will open for everyone on March 13, 2023.
Guy searching with binoculars

Registration Periods


"Re" Registration

Registration period for those that want to register for the same site they reserved in 2022.
Jan. 26
Mar. 9

Open Registration

Open to anyone that wants to attend. Invite your friends! Registration is only necessary if you want a camp site. Registration never ends.
Mar. 13

Refund Policy

You may cancel your reservation by June 15, 2023 and receive a 100% refund.

Camp Site Rules

  • Child Supervision: Parents are personally responsible for their children at all times. Youth under 18 are not permitted to reside on the campgrounds without a parent or guardian.
  • Conduct: The Camp Meeting Committee reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the grounds whose conduct is unbecoming to the program or the peace and safety of the camp.
  • NO PETS allowed on-site other than service dogs.  Proof of papers required.  
  • SAFETY: All aisles must be kept open. NO candles, stoves, heaters, or air conditioners are permitted in any tents.
  • Grounds Protection: Do not dig holes or trenches, cut trees or branches anywhere on the grounds. The Industrial Arts building and its contents are off limits.
  • PARKING: Please park in designated areas only.
  • No smoking. This is a smoke-free campus.
  • Solicitation/Selling/Signage is not allowed without prior written approval by NNEC Administration/Camp Meeting Committee.

Types of Sites

This list of available sites is not updated automatically. It was last updated on Jan. 26.
RV Full Hookups (electricity & water)
Site size: 20' x 40'
Rows: X, Y, Z
Available: 38/38
RV Electric Only (no water)
Site size: 20' x 40'
Rows: S, T, U
Available: 23/23
RV No Utilities (no electricity or water)
Site size: 20' x 40'
Rows: V, W (1-10), R, N, Q
Available: 77/77
Family Style Canvas Tent (tent fills entire site)
Site size: 16' x 16'
Rows: A, B, C, D, E, F-M
Available: 118/118
Bring-Your-Own-Tent (empty site)
Site size: 20' x 20'
Rows: P, W (11-26)
Available: 41/41


Registration will open for everyone on March 13, 2023

For those re-registering (for their site from last year). Check your email. If you did not receive one, email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to register?
    Only if you want a campsite. Meeting attendance is open and free.
  • When is Check-in?
    Friday, June 23, from 10:00am - 6:00pm. If you are arriving another day, please do not arrive during an evening meeting and go first to the Welcome Center to check-in.
  • Can I arrive early?
    Yes, but there may not be anybody on site to assist you with locating your site. Please communicate your need to arrive early with Dustin Johnson at
  • Can I cancel my campsite registration?
    - You can cancel your reservation before TBD and receive a 100% refund.
    - If you need to cancel after that due to a direct COVID exposure you may do so, and be completely refunded.
    - If we have to cancel this event due to COVID or some other natural or biological disaster, we will completely refund everyone.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    Service dogs are the only dogs permitted on the campground & campus. Proof of service papers required.
  • Who is responsible for children?
    Parents are personally responsible for their children at all times. Youth under 18 are not permitted to reside on the campgrounds without a parent or guardian.
  • Where can I park my car?
    Parking will be clearly marked when you arrive. Please park in designated areas only.
  • Can I sell or solicit something for my ministry?
    Solicitation, selling, and signage of any type is not allowed without prior written approval by NNEC Administration/Camp Meeting Committee.
  • More Questions?
    Email Dustin Johnson at

Work Team

Conference employees, pastors, and volunteers make up the Camp Meeting (CM) Team.

Interested in volunteering?
We need help for setup, during camp meeting, and for takedown. 
Volunteer Form
Team members staying in the camp ground: Please talk with Dustin Johnson to discuss where you will stay on the camp ground.

Per Diem: For all meals not listed on the schedule, if you live more than 1 hour from Pine Tree Academy, you can receive per diem by talking with Daniel Battin for all meals that you are in Freeport for.

Various Teams

  • Facilities
  • Security
  • Main Tent
  • Kitchen
  • Welcome Center
  • Main Tent AV
  • Young Adult Division
  • Youth Division
  • Junior Division
  • Primary Division
  • Kindergarten Division
  • Cradle Roll Division

Tentative Work Team Schedule


Who: Camp staff, local pastors, & any volunteers.
Doing What: Setting up division tents, family tents, and cleaning the bathhouse.
  • June 12, 2023 (Monday)
    10:00am | Arrive to begin setup
    12:30pm | Lunch
    5:30pm | Workday ends
  • June 13, 2023 (Tuesday)
    7:30am | Breakfast
    8:00am | Worship & Begin Work
    12:30pm | Lunch
    5:30pm | Workday ends


Who: All pastors, office staff & any volunteers. Camp staff will NOT be present.
Doing What: Preparing the divisions, helping with general campus setup, cleaning and meal prep.
  • EXTRA DAY - June 19, 2023 (Monday) (If needed for your assignment)
    Note: If you aren't needed to prepare for your assigned division, then you don't need to arrive today.
    8:00am | Campus opens
    12:30pm | Lunch
  • June 20, 2023 (Tuesday)
    7:30am | Light Breakfast
    8:00am | Worship & work begins for EVERYONE.
    12:30pm | Lunch
    5:30pm | Workday ends
  • June 21, 2023 (Wednesday)
    7:30am | Light Breakfast
    8:00am | Worship & work begins for EVERYONE.
    12:30pm | Lunch
    5:30pm | Workday ends

Rest Day @ Camp Lawroweld

  • June 22, 2023 (Thursday) (not required)
    Time TBD | Morning water sports + more
    Time TBD | Lunch
    Afternoon water sports + more
    Time TBD | Supper

Camp Meeting

  • June 23 - July 1, 2023 (Friday-Saturday)
    7:30am - 8:30am | Light Breakfast
    8:30am - 9:00am | Work team Worship & Meeting
    12:30pm - 1:30pm | Lunch
    5:30pm - 6:30pm | Supper

Camp Strike

  • July 1, 2023 (Saturday night)
    ~8:30pm | After the evening program, begin teardown (especially items under meeting tents)
    ~11:00pm | Go to bed
  • July 2, 2023 (Sunday)
    8:00am | Worship & Begin Work
    12:00pm | Lunch
    5:00pm | Workday ends
  • July 3, 2023 (Monday)
    *Hopefully we will finish Sunday but this day may be needed. Especially if we have a weather delay.
    8:00am | Worship & Begin Work
    12:00pm | Lunch
    5:00pm | Workday ends

Vacation Day!

  • July 4, 2023 (Tuesday)
    Employees: take this planned vacation day to relax from your hard work

Previous Years Recordings

To watch any of the Sermons or Seminars from last camp meeting, please check out our YouTube channel. Don’t forget that you can “Subscribe” to our channel to stay up to date on NNEC content!
View Here

Main Meetings

- Hymn Singing
- Music Performances
- Prayer Time
- Powerful Sermons
- Sat. afternoon Concerts

Hispanic Meetings

- Music
- Prayer Time
- Powerful Sermons


(Sunday thru Friday)
- Health
- Family Growth
- Giving Bible Studies
- Discipleship

July 4 Party!

Corn Roast + More Food
FREE Band Concert

Young Adult Meetings

- Guest Speakers
- Great Music
- Outreach


- Great Cooks
- Vegetarian & Vegan
- Tickets or Plans
- All you can eat


- Canvas Family Tents
- RV Sites
- Reasonable Prices
- Great atmosphere
- All night Security

Adventist Book Center

- Christian Books
- Vegetarian Food Sale

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