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Trees of Righteousness: God’s Plan for Dealing with Trauma, Grief, and Pain

Trees of Righteousness: God’s Plan for Dealing with Trauma, Grief, and Pain

An look into the ways that Jesus processed His own trauma, grief, and pain - so that we can heal as Jesus did.

“Trees of Righteousness is an in-depth examination of the ways that Jesus processed His own trauma, grief, and pain while He was here on earth. He didn’t just ‘go through’ trauma, He actually employed a very intentional three-part process to work through the issues that he experienced. Many times, we don’t remember or think about the fact that Jesus Himself went through very significant trauma while He completed His mission of serving and saving humanity. Because He is to be our example in all things, looking more closely at the specific ways that He lived through His own trauma gives us hope, structure, and healing when we go through our own.

There are three specific, forethought steps that Jesus employed. First - at the Garden of Gethsemane, He surrendered His pain and His will to His Father. He knew that in his weakened human condition, with the massive weight of our sins pressing down on Him, he would not be able to carry the load alone, so He abjectly surrendered it all to His Father - who was able to carry it on His behalf. Secondly, at Calvary, Jesus forgave the rough legionaries who were still in the process of nailing Him to the cross. As the architect and author of human emotion, He realized that if He was to move forward with His mind cleared for cogent thought, He needed to leave any retribution or revenge in the hands of the one who could see it all and know it all - His Father. Third, on the road to Emmaus and for forty days after His resurrection, He told His story to His disciple - preparing them for the trauma that He knew was ahead in their lives.  Surrender, forgive, tell your story - the three steps that Jesus gave us for healing.”

Mon-Fri, 10:45am-12:15pm
PTA Room 213
About the Presenter
Chaplain Robert Mills was born in Marlboro, Massachusetts and grew up in Richmond, Maine and in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the son of missionaries. After attending Pine Tree Academy in Freeport, Maine, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from Atlantic Union College in June of 1990. He attended the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, graduating with a Master of Divinity Degree in December of 2005. He was commissioned on active duty as a chaplain in February 2008. After Basic Chaplain training , Chaplain Mills reported to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan where he served as Staff Chaplain, then as acting Command Chaplain. In October of 2011, he reported as Deputy Command Chaplain to Destroyer Squadron 15 in Yokosuka, Japan, serving the men, women, and families of seven forward-deployed naval destroyers covering 48 million square miles of the Western Pacific Ocean. Chaplain Mills next reported to Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, serving there from October 2013 to June of 2016. Selected to attend in residence, LCDR Mills graduated from the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island in June of 2017 with a master’s degree in National Security Studies. As Principal Assistant Chaplain, LCDR Mills reported to USS NIMITZ (CVN-68) in July of 2017. During this tour, Chaplain Mills was conferred the Naval Air Forces Pacific Professional Naval Chaplaincy Award (Chaplain of the Year) for the year 2020. He next served as Deputy Chaplain, then as Command Chaplain for 3D Marine Logistics Group in Okinawa, supervising 7 subordinate Religious Ministry Teams caring for 15,000 Marines, Sailors, and family members. He currently serves as the Command Chaplain for Marine Corps Recruiting District Nine, located at Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois. He is responsible for serving all Marine Corps Recruiters in a 12 million square mile area in the middle of the continental United States. He has been selected to fill a Navy Milestone Billet as Deputy Chaplain of the U.S. Coast Guard, beginning in October of 2024. As a specialist in trauma ministry, he is currently writing a book about the specific ways that Jesus processed trauma, grief, and pain. Chaplain Mills’ outside interests include reading, writing, sacred and classical music, and aviation. He is currently a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership at Columbia International University. He is married to the former Virginia Miller of Grand Ledge, Michigan. They have two daughters, ages 22 and 21.

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