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Conference Administration

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Gary Blanchard

Conference President & Ministerial Director
gblanchard@nnec.org207-797-3760 ext. 217
*Contact his Administrative Assistant, Michelle George, at ext. 201 or
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Brad Cauley

Executive Secretary, VP for Administration, & Director of Church Revitalization 797-3760 ext. 218
*Contact his Administrative Assistant, Liz Plaisted, at ext. 214 or
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Daniel Battin

Conference Treasurer & Director of the Brunswick Retirement Village 797-3760 ext. 220

Departmental Directors

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Sonia Edwards

Education Superintendent 797-3760 ext. 212
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Trevor Schlisner

Youth & Young Adult Director 797-3760 ext. 219
*Contact his Administrative Assistant, Barbara Chase, at ext. 213 or
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Glenn Holland

Director of Planned Giving & Trust Services, Director of Stewardship 797-3760 ext. 223
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Petronella Hunt

Assistant Director of Planned Giving & Trust Services
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Tony Cuffori

Evangelism Director 797-3760 ext. 225
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Joseph Li

Associate Treasurer & Information Technology 797-3760 ext. 211
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Jairo Utate

Director of Human Resources & Accountant 797-3760 ext. 222
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Dustin Johnson

Communications Director & Camp Meeting Director 797-3760 ext. 216
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Barbara Chase

Assistant Department Director 797-3760 ext. 213

Support Staff

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Liz Plaisted

Administrative Assistant to: Executive Secretary & Human Resources 797-3760 ext. 214
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Michelle George

Administrative Assistant to the President 797-3760 ext. 201
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Rod Plaisted

Property Manager
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Linda Dayen

Editor, CoNNECtions Magazine

Volunteer Ministry Leaders

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Cornel Preda

Adventist Heritage Ministries Director
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Rebecca Barcelow

Adventurers Director 558-3603
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Alessandra Battin

Children’s Ministry Director
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Steve & Linda Dayen

Family Ministries Directors
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Dr. Zach Mazone

Health Ministries Director
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Judit Magdaleno Lopez

Literature Evangelism Ministries Director
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Doug Berrill

Men's Ministry Director 590-8891
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Harry Sabnani

Missions Director 712-5578
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Jim Thomas

Pathfinder Director 568-9306
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Dana Brady

Prayer Ministries Director & Women's Ministry Assistant Director
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Erica Blanchard

Shepherdess Ministries Director
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Felecia Lee

Women's Ministry Director

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