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Episode 1

- we get to know our President, Gary Blanchard. Plus more!

Episode 2

- we get to know a little about Jairo Utate, our new HR Director. Plus more!

Episode 3

- we meet our new Prayer Ministries Director, Dana Brady. Plus more!

Episode 4

- we get to know Skip Bell and a few things he is working on.

Episode 5

- we talk about Great Controversy's mailed in Vermont & Glenn Holland talks about the importance of trusts, wills and giving.

Episode 6

- with Pastor Rick Kuntz and our new Administrative Assistant to the President, Michelle George.

Episode 7

- we get to know our Associate Treasurer & IT Director, Joseph Li.

Episode 8

- we get to know our Communications Director, Dustin Johnson.

Episode 9

- the team today is Trevor Schlisner, Glenn Holland, and Dustin Johnson.

Episode 10

- with special guest, Dr. Zach Mazone, our new Health Ministries Director.

Episode 11

- Trevor Schlisner and Daniel Battin join us to talk about what they are up to.

Episode 12

- Doug Berrill, our Men's Ministries Director joins us.

Episode 13

- Joined by Gration Perera, our Evangelism Director, and Glenn Holland, our Planned Giving & Trust Services Director.

Episode 14

- Dustin Johnson and Daniel Battin join Gary Blanchard to talk about Camp Meeting & Pathfinders, plus more!
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Episode 15

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Episode 16

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Episode 17

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Episode 18

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Episode 19

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Episode 20

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Episode 21

LIVE on Mar. 22

Episode 22

LIVE on Mar. 29

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