Cuba Mission Trip

November 6 - 17, 2024

Cuba Mission Trip

November 6-17, 2024
About the Trip
We are organizing a mission trip to Havana, Cuba this upcoming November 6-17, 2024 to serve the needs of the local church community.  The difficult economic situation over the past several years in Cuba has devalued the currency during a time when the price of basic necessities has significantly increased, making life very difficult for our brothers and sisters on the island.  We have worked with the local church leaders and community activists to identify the areas of greatest need, so that our time and resources can make the biggest impact during our trip and for many years to come.  For this trip, we are planning various service projects, which are listed below, and we will need volunteers in all of these areas, as well as donations to make this possible.  
What We Will Do
  • Medical Clinic hosted by Dr. Jeff Badillo
  • Dental Clinic hosted by Dr. Ron Davis
  • Evangelistic Meetings for 8 nights by various team members
  • Serving the community by visiting door to door
  • Physical Therapist will be leading health talks
  • Sewing Machine Ministry, donating machines and teaching locals how to use them to have sustainable income and clothing
  • New Water storage system and plumbing for one of our churches
  • Expansion of one of our churches by removing and expanding one of the outside walls to increase capacity
  • Baby Shower Ministry - Supporting a local church initiative to visit new and expecting mothers from the community to attend a baby shower and to participate in other church activities
  • Funds will be needed to purchase the following equipment: A small motorcycle for a local pastor to be able to get around and visit his church members, a electric bike for a local pastor to visit her church members
  • Sports clinics and equipment for children in the area churches and communities - This is a joint initiative with Student Athletes Without Borders Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization led by Freeport church member Jeff Davis. We will be collecting sports equipment to donate as well as putting on sports clinics for young people during our trip.

Support the funding of this trip by giving generously at this link.

IMPORTANT: Once you donate an amount, if it is for an individual please email Pastor Harry at and tell him how much you gave and for which individual.

How to: The button will take you to Adventist Giving where you can add the 'Missions-NNEC' category and give through your account or as a guest.

Support this Trip
Join the Team!

We are looking for more people to go on this trip.

The Price is $2,000 for anyone sharing or willing to share a room with 1 other person.

+ $220 Single Supplement for anyone wanting a single room by themselves.

+ $100 if paying online instead of by mailing a check to: Northern New England Conference 479 Main St. Westbrook, ME 04032. Make sure to note which trip and for who this will pay for.

DISCLAIMER: The total may be a little bit more than this but we won't know until we get closer to the trip.

The Package Includes:

  • Round trip flights Boston to Havana
  • 11 nights hotel accommodations
  • Ground transportation throughout the trip
  • Meals
  • A religious visa necessary to travel to Cuba
  • Funds to serve the basic costs of our projects (any donations above and beyond are greatly appreciated)

Registration Closes August 30

Pay Online
Where the money will go: Your donation goes directly to the Northern New England Conference. The Treasury department then moves the money into a fund specific to this project/location.

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