Human Resources

Our team serves Conference employees by maintaining their employment files, service records, processing retirement applications, managing benefits, etc.We also provide information on available positions at the Northern New England Conference.

Ascend to Wholeness Healthcare

Information about the healthcare plans offered through the Northern New England Conference
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Employee Benefits

Employee benefits for full and part-time employees

Payroll Forms

Reports, documents and forms related to payroll for pastors, teachers and local church employees.

Paid Time Off (PTO) Requests

Information regarding the Northern New England Conference's PTO Policy as well as our online PTO request form

NAD Retirement Information

Information on retirement benefits with the North American Division and through the Northern New England Conference

Important Notice as of 2019

The Adventist Retirement 403b plan has some important changes that you as an employee need to know about. Automatic Enrollment/Escalation Notice

Brief Explanation:

  1. Adventist Retirement has implemented a new Automatic Escalation Policy with regard to retirement contributions.  You can read the legal notice HERE.
  2. What this means for employees is that all new employees will be automatically set up to contribute 3% or 3.26% if a teacher on a 10-month contract.
  3. Starting on July 1, 2018, each employee’s retirement contributions will be increased by 1% each July 1 until they reach a contribution rate of 7%.  Therefore, an employee currently contributing 3% would be automatically increased to 4% on July 1, 2018, then 5% on July 1, 2019, etc. until they reach 7%.
  4. If you do wish to contribute a different amount, you will no longer use a Salary Reduction Agreement form as in the past, but will rather login to the Empower Website to your retirement account to make contribution changes. LOGIN HERE.
  5. The reason for this change is to encourage employees to participate in the retirement plan at a level that will provide them with a reasonable retirement income.  It will require action on the employees’ part to decrease contributions or refrain from contributing to their retirement plan.
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Career Opportunities

Are you interested in a career working for the Northern New England Conference?
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